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Finding Catharsis in Craft

During this period of isolation, I couldn't be more grateful for my husband, our dogs, and technology. Being able to interact with my family, friends, and students despite the distance has been really heartening. Even now, I try to make the good days outnumber the bad.

While it is sometimes difficult to focus on hobbies, I've rediscovered catharsis in writing. Most of my writing never sees the light of day; often, I'm the sole reader. However, I think these pieces are just as important as any other.

The writing process helps me to chase out a negative or difficult state of mind, and relegate it to an external space. It's like an emotional bloodletting. I remember trying to describe this process as an angsty teen and getting some really concerned looks. But it still holds up to this day.

I hope everyone finds what works for them. I've seen some friends and family dive into music, crafts, video games, cooking, and gardening. Sometimes we're inspired by art; sometimes we inspire art--and both of these are important, now more than ever.

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