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Literary Agent News!

If you have ever met a teacher or a student or a school, you know 4th quarter is wild. So, I'm super delayed in posting this as a blog entry...but I am so excited to announce I have signed on with Em Lysaght of Ladderbird Literary Agency! I am in the thick of revisions, but I'm enjoying every step of the process.

It has been a long road to representation (58 query letters, 57 rejections, 5 pitch contests, 0 wins, many moons), but I am so thrilled that the middle grade horror novel I wrote in summer 2020 now has the opportunity to become fighting fit for editors' desks and hopefully find itself on bookshelves in the future!

Also, for those who get stressed out about pitch contests or NaNoWriMo, my manuscript didn't come from Nano and my offer of representation didn't come from a pitch contest. Give your manuscript and yourself the time and space you need! I definitely started querying way too early (my original query was for a seriously low word count...we won't speak of it). So stay the course! Talk to your critique partners/beta readers! Put the manuscript away for a few weeks and then go back to it with fresh eyes!

I get a bit more in-depth in this interview for Query Tracker.

Traditional publishing is, of course, not at all known for swiftness, but your girl is on her way!

[the image below is an "aesthetic" (basically a concept collage) that I pieced together from free-use images over the summer as I wrote the book]

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