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Poetry Forthcoming

I am excited to note that I have recently had a poem accepted by a literary magazine whose aesthetic I greatly admire! I will share more details as I work with the editors and a publication date solidifies. I have really enjoyed coming back to poetry lately. The particular piece that was chosen was submitted alongside 4 other poems. Honestly, I didn't think that this poem would stick out, but I'm happy for it! Lately, I've only submitted single poems, rather than groups, so I'm glad this poem stood out.

This poem was one that I wrote just to get some unsettling thoughts out of my head and onto the page so that I could study them rather than let them run with me. This poem reflects my experiences working for a funeral home in the city, and I hope it opens others' eyes. Especially during this pandemic and the widespread loss of life in our country, we always grapple with the idea of the afterlife--and all our ceremonies and artifacts involved in that pursuit.

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