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Still Learning!

Both before and after having a poem published in Full House Literary Magazine, I've been tuning into their podcast and browsing their published pieces. I've realized that the podcasts are wonderfully educational! Having been out of undergrad and workshops for many moons, it's easy for me to feel isolated from a writing community. I'm a bit of an introvert on Twitter, so I haven't gotten into many discussions regarding craft. However, Full House's podcast is such a great way to learn about techniques, voices, and styles that I might seek out to read more of, or try to emulate in my own writing. Not to mention how welcoming and relaxing the podcast is! Whether they are reviewing published pieces or interviewing another editor or writer, editors Leia and Jack have both the voices and the hearts to execute such a wonderful space for uplifting critiques and inspiring conversations.

Give them a visit here! Tune in, read, and submit! And if you're on Twitter, definitely follow them!

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