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Hatching New Work

While I'm still keeping busy, the stay-at-home orders have certainly led to more time writing. Fortunately, one of my poems has recently been accepted for publication! I look forward to sharing the link when it is live. Nonfiction is still forthcoming as well (most likely end of April).

I love the process of submitting work, even if my writing isn't accepted. Each time, I browse at least the current or most recent issue of a journal, which is always a good idea to figure out the aesthetic. Not all journals appeal to me, but the majority do. I find something unique I enjoy each time I take a literary tour. While I love reading classics and more common classroom titles, it is so refreshing to read real-time literature. So many journals have an online presence now, there's no excuse not to browse.

Bottom line: take a virtual literary tour! You never know what you'll learn. Check out for a steady list of journals.

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